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Original Publications

  • A Simple Guide to Orthopaedics
    Prof. R.L. Huckstep, Churchill Livingstone 1993
  • Clinical Indicators in Orthopaedics
    E Sherry, K Huong, A C Gursel,
    JBJS, Orthopaedic Proceedings, Vol 80-B 1998
    Supplement II
    The Aus & NZ Journal of Surgery, Vol 69, 10 Oct 1999

Presentations at national/international conferences

  • Mechanical Characterization of Bone Cement in a Cement Cartridge.
    A.C. Gursel, W Bruce, M Svelha, K Tan and W. Walsh
    Presented at:
    Arthroplasty Meeting, July 1996, Hamilton Island
    Federal AOA Meeting, October 1996, Perth
    Joint Update Meeting, The Mater Misericordiae,
    Sydney, 1996
  • Mechanical Characterization of Simplex P Bone Cement
    M Svelha, A.C. Gursel, W Bruce, K Tan, W Walsh
    Engineering and Physical Science meeting.
    Canberra, October 1996.
  • Clinical Indicators in Orthopaedics
    E Sherry, K Huong, A.C. Gursel
    Federal AOA meeting, Canberra, 1997
  • Modified Flinchum Shelf Procedure in the Treatment of Hip Dysplasia
    D. McNicol, A.C. Gursel
    New Zealand Paediatric Orthopaedic Meeting 1999
  • The Oxford Total Meniscal Knee- Independent Clinical Review
    A.C. Gursel, J.A. Sullivan
    Oxford Meniscal Knee Symposium
    Monte Carlo 17-18 May 2002
    NSW AOA State Meeting, 21st June 2002
  • Orthopaedics from the Old Dart
    The Hills Private Hospital Orthopaedic Conference
    Taronga Zoo, 23rd August 2003
    General Practice Seminars, October 2003.
  • Patello-Femoral Arthroplasty
    The Sydney Adventist Hospital Orthopaedic Conference, 21st May 2004
    The Hills Private Hospital GP Conference, Oct 2004
  • Patellofemoral Arthritis
    SanDoctor February 2004
  • Young Adults with Hip Pain
    The Sydney Adventist Hospital GP Conference
    7th September 2004
    The Central Coast Physiotherapist Seminar,
    Newcastle University,29th November 2004
  • What’s New in Hip & Knee Replacement?
    The Sydney Adventist Hospital Men’s Health Forum
    26th July 2005
  • What’s New in Hip Surgery?
    SanDoctor 2005
  • Surgical Management of Hip Fractures
    SanDoctor October 2006


Dr. Ali Gursel is associated with Specialty Orthopaedics, a group practice comprised of 10 fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeons with multiple subspecialty interests including hand, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, foot & ankle, trauma, Paediatric orthopaedic surgery and medicolegal work.

All surgeons are members of the Australian Orthopaedic Association and Fellows of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons.

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